On the value of certification.

This post walks you through my thoughts on cloud certification, having obtained 20 qualifications from various providers over the last two years. More

Empowered Multi Cloud: Azure Arc and Kubernetes

In this post I’ll be covering the basics of configuring Azure Arc on Kubernetes. As a preview feature, this integration enables Azure administrators to connect to remote Kubernetes clusters, manage deployments, policy and monitoring data, without leaving the Azure PortalMore

Attempting to use Azure ARC on an RPi Kubernetes cluster

Recently I’ve been spending a fair bit of effort working on Azure Kubernetes Service. I don’t think it really needs repeating, but AKS is an absolutely phenomenal product. You get all the excellence of the K8s platform, with a huge percentage of the overhead managed by Microsoft. I’m obviously biased as I spend most of…More

Security Testing your ARM Templates

It’s a lot cheaper & easier to teach school children about healthy foods & exercise than to complete a heart bypass operation once someone has neglected their health. Importantly, this concept extends to multiple fields, with CyberSecurity being no differentMore

Azure AD Administrative Units – Preview!

In this blog post, we walk you through the new Azure AD feature; Administrative Units! This feature is a must have for any organisation looking to delegate directory control and ensure least privilege within Azure AD.More