Okta Workflows – Unlimited Power!

If you have ever spoken with me in person; you know I’m a huge fan of the Okta identity platform – It just makes everything easy. It’s no surprise then, that the Okta Workflows announcement at Oktane is definitely something I’m excited about. This blog details first impressions & a simple demo.More

Happy Wife Happy Life – Building my wedding invites in Python on Azure!

One of the many things I love about the cloud is the ease at which it allows me to develop and deploy solutions. I recently got married – An event which is both immensely fulfilling and incredibly stressful to organise. Being a digital first millennial couple, my partner and I wanted to deliver our invites electronically. Being the stubborn technologist that I am, I used the wedding as an excuse to practice my cloud & python skills! This blog neatly summarises what I implemented, and the fun I dealt with along the way.More